The best antidepressants are compounds; take the ingredients separately and the results are less powerful. The two I'm thinking of are:

i. Courage: What are you afraid of? Discover it and face it. Remember that courage is existential in the sense that it can be taken. You don't have to passively wait for it to grown inside you; you don't need to first not feel anxious. Courage is about stepping up.

ii. Self-Acceptance: What are you feeling? Accept your feelings without judging yourself for having them. Whether you're sad or angry or envious or excited: smile on this. If you're sad then, well, that's what you're feeling.

Sometimes we're encouraged to challenge negativistic or ruminatory thought. But perhaps it accurately reflects your underlying feelings. 

What may need challenging is not your thoughts but you yourself. Take courage in your life! Go on! Accept your feelings graciously; act on your world courageously!


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